SudheenFounder and Owner
I had completed 2 years of on-off travelling to far continents, and in that journey I had stayed in an assortment of accommodations. Simple huts in jungles with no running water, posh 5-star hotels in cities, wellbeing and fitness retreats in the middle of nowhere, just to name a few.

In all that travelling it became super-clear what was missing in these ‘residences’ . The other profound revelation was that being in great physical and mental health IS the true wealth one could have.

And just to drive that revelation home, I suddenly lost both my parents to stroke. One day they were there and in a blink of an eye the were lost to the world, their plans and dreams remained just that- never realised.

I decided to create a simple space in the sun, that was easy for people to get to, with a backdrop of local culture, stylish and safe, with an array of fun activities to do BUT where the real fundamentals to great health and transformation was infused into the habitat.

And so our Wellness Villa was born with the focus on healthier stress-busting holidays that promoted SUSTAINABLE health and performance.

“Change your lifestyle”. It’s a phrase that we hear from the doctor’s and we read it in the newspapers as the main change we need to make in order to shed illness and live a longer healthier life.

It’s easier said than done.

Not many years ago, I was lost my friend (only 30 years old!) to breast cancer. From that point I realised that health became my top priority.

So travelling to beautiful places no longer was enough for me. There had to be a wellness element.

It’s the little things that make or break our health, over time, right?
Do we sleep well? Do we actually drink enough water on each day? What’s the quality of the water we shower in? What’s the quality of food we eat? How much and often we move our body? Do we think more negative or positive in a day?

Our habits and the environment we are exposed have an impact.

Here, at our Villa we had the opportunity to create an environment that could nourish the mind and body. We went back to basics, with a solution that has a 360 degree approach to health.

Now you can re-calibrate and re-boot in a simple effective way and have a fabulous holiday at the same time. You are definitely up for a treat!

And The Rest Of The Team, Here To Serve You

Joy Kundalia
Joy KundaliaVilla Manager
‘Villa Manager’ is such an understatement for this polite, helpful and hard-working lady. She takes care of the bookings, troubleshoots and makes all our guests feel at home.
Bill Kundalia
Bill KundaliaVilla Solera Director
Bill and his on-the-ground Spanish team handle the larger aspects of your visit, making sure everything is running smoothly in the background. Both Joy and Bill are phenomenal people who’ll make your well- earned break easy and stress-free…exactly the way it should be!

We Can Thrive And Survive.

We’d love you to experience the same opportunities we did – and to discover for yourself the benefits of these cutting edge Technologies that we personally have used over the last 9 years , day in day out, pioneered by the world’s leading provider of natural wellness solutions – Technologies that have proven to produce dramatic health transformations with very little effort by the individual.

Our luxury villas now incorporate a range of advanced, natural solutions within the bed, air and water, including magnetic earth energy, far-infrared sun energy and negative ion technology, which enhance the body’s own ability to heal itself.