Did you know that last weekend was the time most of us here in the UK booked a summer holiday?

More time off work – better for your health

Who wouldn’t like taking time off work? But did you know that taking longer holidays can lengthen your lifespan? Yes, it’s true. According to research in the Times: “Taking more than three week’s holiday a year could add years to your life”. It needs to start in the doctors’ surgeries. They should prescribe time off to anyone with heart disease to make sure they can balance stresses of life and trying to live more healthy.

The consequences of shorter holidays

The stats that came out of this research revealed that those who “took less than three-week-long holiday in one year were 37% more likely to die during a 40-year-old study period.” What was rather interesting was that even though you may have otherwise a healthy lifestyle, the fact that you work hard and have no time off cannot compensate for it. Time Strandberg – of the University of Helsinki, leading the research shared that the stress of wanting and trying to live healthily without breaks was the cause of death. The trying creates in some more stress. And it usually happened to men who didn’t take enough holidays. In other words, if your partners, spouses take shorter breaks, they have higher mortality.

Lifestyle prescription

Dr Rangan Chatterjee, NHS GP & BBC presenter realized it too. He said: “It all started when I began to realise that I was genuinely only helping about 20% of my patients in my busy GP surgery. . . .THE MAJORITY OF MY PATIENTS DON’T NEED A PILL, THEY NEED A LIFESTYLE PRESCRIPTION”.

When to book your next holiday in 2020?

It’s been more and more common that people don’t take their holiday allowance in one year. So why not to organize time off around public holidays or bank holidays to get longer weekends?

Mother’s Day – 22nd March

Easter – 10th April (Good Friday) – 13th Easter Monday

Bank holiday – 8th May

Bank holiday – 25th May

Father’s Day – 21st June

School summer holiday – 22nd July – 2nd September

Summer bank holiday – 31st August

Christmas Day – 25th December

Boxing Day – 26th December

Maybe you had to work over Christmas and the New Year and therefore you had no chance to take time off. Why not venture out to a sunnier country such as Spain and escape the English rain? Even Dr Chatterjee mentioned in one of his books – ( I believe) The 4 pillar plan that we need to expose our body to sunlight at least for 20 min a day. So why not fly to the region of Murcia?

What to do in Murcia?

Let me invite you to the Murcia region.

There is a number of things to see and do in winter/spring.

If you are an art lover, visit these exhibitions.  If you like being active why not join a guided tour in Murcia? If you enjoy music and theatre here is something for you. Or if you’d like water activity there is plenty to choose from boat trips, rafting, hiring a bike or playing golf. Or you just want to stay in a lovely villa, spa on the resort, lovely restaurants at your fingertips and simply chill in the villa Ginessa. Even if you cannot take a holiday you can still go on a hiatus instead and be in a different environment.

Via: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/why-longer-holidays-can-add-years-to-your-life-7x799qwrx

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