I’m heading out for a hiatus, honey!

You are about to whack your colleagues over the head with the most substantial book you can lay your hands on because they’re winding you up when they ask you what your holiday plans are, knowing full well you have none since you’ve got to work.

Happy families for them in Tuscany and you are chained to your desk, sounds familiar … and unfair?

Well, you can set that book down because you could kill two birds with one stone by going on holiday and stay at work.

These days the savvy-set go on a hiatus.

They are still doing the 9 to 5 but in a much more beautiful setting.

Imagine taking an early morning cycle ride, a swim in the pool, followed by fresh grapefruit, watching the sun come up even before you have struck the first button on the keyboard, whilst relaxing on the sun-lounger.

People have found they can think clearer in the quiet, an ideal environment to get super-focused and create the headspace to think about bigger things.

Fancy getting much more done in a shorter space of time and still have plenty of time to enjoy your holiday?