Have you ever experience a frightening situation on your travels? Today I’d like to share with you my friend’s true story that happened just a few days ago and how a bottle saved her life.
Ursula Down’s post caught my immediate attention- here is how it started:
I couldn’t help myself but share it with you because it can indeed happen to you too.

Altitude sickness

I finally arrived in Cusco, Peru last Wednesday afternoon and by 6 pm was not prepared at all for the altitude sickness (11,500ft above sea level). A headache (never experienced so much pain) and violent sickness arrived. I couldn’t move out of bed for the next two days. The total energy drain and the slightest movement left me gasping for breath. The realization I was on my own, in a strange country and my Spanish wasn’t particularly brilliant – certainly when I was sick. I had no food or water in the house. I just cried and never felt so alone.

A bottle that saved my life

BUT thank goodness I always carry a water bottle which has its own filter everywhere I travel because I recognize the importance of good water, plus I hate being ripped off in the airports! I was, therefore, able to fill up the bottle from the tap/faucet and still have good reliable water – as I was extremely dehydrated it supported my recovery. This actually just SAVED MY LIFE as the body cannot survive without water.

Be prepared for the unexpected

If you travel to countries where water is an issue or just go on road trips and need good water on the go, make sure you have a bottle with a filter to support you!
Today I am almost fully recovered but now have to take things easy for another few days – Not quite how I anticipated starting this adventure, but sure was a wake-up call. I have travelled extensively all my life, but this has to have been the scariest. BE PREPARED FOR THE UNEXPECTED! Thank goodness Nikken.com has taught me well – THANK YOU! 

Ursula xx

How to get prepared?

If you already own a Pimag Waterfall or the PiMag bottle you know how exceptional water filters they are.
Read here how we have travelled last year.

However, if you don’t have one yet and are interested in finding out more, let me know 😊 Let me help you on life’s adventure and stay safe!

Free gift for you

When you share this story and your friend or a colleague buys either the PiMag Waterfall (a home unit) or the PiMag bottle you get a free filter from me as a THANK YOU for sharing.
By the way, you could run your PiMag home unit or the portable bottle for free. I’ll be very happy to give out as many free filters as you recommend people to me and help individuals, families or groups to drink pure, clean, micro-clustered, energized water every single day.

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Take care!