Sharpen Your Sparkle!

Is it time to pull back from the brink of burnout and reclaim your personal power?

The World Health Organisation has now recognized burnout as a legitimate condition.

For most of us, burnout usually arises from chronic workplace stress that hasn’t been successfully managed.

But other triggers can be negative life events, like relationship conflict.

Trying to break through complete physical exhaustion can take you to the edge.

People might notice that you are more irritable and unpredictable. Your ability to handle tasks at home and work can become compromised and your will and stamina drop like a lead balloon.

If you can get your mind still and quiet and have your body start shedding the deadweight of exhaustion, you are paving the way to a transformed, grounded and dynamic version of yourself.

Start by putting refreshing restorative sleep back on the menu and the inspiration that travel and new surroundings bring.