General Terms and Conditions

We want to ensure that you have a very pleasant and joyful stay with us. We also want to ensure that both your rights and ours are fully understood and protected. We would therefore ask you to read out Terms and Conditions.
The “Company” is My Ideal Vitality Limited, a UK registered company 6080808. By virtue of your booking you will be contracting with My Ideal Vitality Limited trading as, Wellness HQ, Suite 37/38, Marshall House, 124 Middleton Road, Morden, Surrey SM4 6RW, United Kingdom.
Our partners, Villa Solera Services SL, a Spanish Registered Company B73512642 (“Property Managers”) are situated on the resort. They will ensure that all of your accommodation needs are met whilst you are there.

Main Tenant : The person who books, pays and in whose name the booking is confirmed whether it be for them or on behalf of other persons in their group. “You”

Group: Any other persons within the group for whom the main tenant is responsible during their stay at the apartment/s

Property managers: The person or person/s who proved assistance and takes care of any management tasks of the apartment/s on behalf of the owner of the apartment/s

Third parties: Any other (legal) person not being part of the company, property management or the Tenant.

Cancellation: The revocation or dissolution of the booking.

Booking: A reservation of an apartment accepted by the company

In addition to the conditions which follows, local laws will always be applicable during your stay.  To the extent not otherwise determined by law these conditions will prevail.
By you having booked with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

You are responsible for ensuring that you and the members of your group comply with all of the terms and conditions insofar as they apply to them.

You are responsible for informing the Property Managers and the Company at or before the time of booking of any special arrangements you will need to have made for you and or any member of your group. Such information must be confirmed in writing by email.

Upon receiving the information the company will advise you as to whether or not the accommodation is and/or can be made suitable for the person/persons with the specific special arrangements.

If it is confirmed to be unsuitable then the company trusts that you will be responsible and sensible not to proceed with the booking for that person. If you do then the company will not be liable for any detriment which is caused to the relevant person/s.

The Company is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect:

If after having been given notice of default, in default of compliance with any compelling obligation by virtue of the agreement and/or these conditions;

If the Tenant after having been asked to, does not act as a good tenant and comply with the Company’s rules as per these terms and conditions.

The Villas featured on this website are owned and operated by My Ideal Vitality Limited, a UK registered company 6080808. By virtue of your booking you will be contracting with My Ideal Vitality Limited trading as, Wellness HQ, Suite 37/38, Marshall House, 124 Middleton Road, Morden, Surrey SM4 6RW, United Kingdom.

Our partners, Villa Solera Services SL, a Spanish Registered Company B73512642 (“Property Managers”)are situated on the resort. They will ensure that all of your accommodation needs are met whilst you are there.

The Villa is self-catering wellness health accommodation, as we describe. They contain unique non-invasive natural technologies designed to support your health and improve physical performance.  These technologies are not suitable for anyone who has had a pacemaker fitted or is using any implanted electronic medical devices.  They are also not suitable for women who are in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Villa Brissa (sleeps maximum 6).

Everyone is different and will benefit from these products in a different way and at varying rates.  From past feedback these products have proven to have positive results.

Your Villa/s will be treated as booked upon receipt of the FULL BOOKING CHARGE (including any extra booking charges) and upon you having received the confirmation email of your booking. If you do not receive the confirmation email then the booking will not have taken place and you will not have been charged. In any event we will contact you within 24 hours of your attempted booking.

The confirmation email will contain all of your booking details including the address of the Villa/s, contact details and other arrival and departure instructions.

From time to time prices may increase or decrease. However we assure you that once you have received confirmation of your booking the price will remain the same as at the time of your booking unless any amendments are made to your booking and provided that they are done so within the prescribed time limits as per clause 3 below.

We reserve the right to correct any errors we detect in the advertised pricing or confirmed pricing as soon as we identify them.

Any additional payments for any extra services, products or items over and above your standard booking charges (including booking fees) can be payable by cash to the property managers. These include, but are not limited to a mid-stay cleaning service.

All cancellations have a charge which will be applied to the account from which the booking payment has been taken unless:-

You cancel your booking within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of your booking and provided it was made more than 35 days prior to your planned arrival date to the accommodation.

If you cancel within 24 hours of receiving confirmation less than 35 days prior to your planned arrival date then we you will not be entitled to any refund

The following cancellation charges will apply for all other periods:-

From the time of booking to 60 days before planned arrival date – 30% of the booking cost
Between 59-35 days before planned arrival date- 50% of the booking cost
Less than 35 days before planned arrival date- 100% of the booking cost.
You will not be provided with any refund for any reduced day/s of your planned stay.

All cancellations or changes must be made by email to

If your arrival date at your accommodation is delayed for any reason then you must inform the property managers as soon as you become aware. If you fail to do so and you do not arrive on your planned arrival date then your entire booking will be cancelled and you will be charged in accordance with the applicable cancellation charges as per above.

Please have your security damage deposit of  € 200 cash ready to give to the Property Agent on key exchange, at arrival. This will be held by them securely.

If the Villa/s is/are left in an unclean condition or the inventory of the accommodation is damaged or absent then we reserve the right to deduct a part of the total damage deposit. The remaining security deposit to you in cash before your departure. Otherwise you will have the full deposit returned to you.

The security deposit for rental periods for a longer period of time (more than 3 weeks) will be progressively higher.

Check in time on the arrival date is from 15:00 to 19:00. Check out time is 10:00. If the Villa is available then you may be able to extend your stay provided that you put the request in writing to the property managers at least 48 hours before the planned departure date and that you make the relevant additional payment for each additional date and provided you receive confirmation.

The costs for the compulsory final cleaning vary per accommodation. The accommodation must always be left in a clean and tidy condition in accordance with the house rules. Non-compliance with these rules will result in a deduction from the security deposit.

You will not be permitted to allow more or other persons to stay or spend the night in the accommodation than the persons named in the booking. If the maximum number of persons is exceeded or other persons do stay or spend the night in the accommodation then this may result in a deduction from the security deposit or the removal of You and all other persons from the accommodation without the company being obliged to offer any compensation or refund.

It is also forbidden for any persons mentioned or not mentioned in the booking to stay in any tents or campers at the site of the accommodation

It is also forbidden for any persons not mentioned in the booking to use the facilities of the accommodation. Only those persons who are known to and have been accepted by the company in the booking are permitted to use the accommodation within the agreed period.

The accommodation will be made available and arranged for the specified number of persons mentioned in the booking. You may submit a request to include more people but they will not be permitted to enter the accommodation until the Company provides consent. The Company does reserve the right to refuse the request without giving any reason.

Persons will be taken to mean anyone from the age of 18 months plus

The Company must know the relevant personal details of You and your group.  At arrival You and your group must identify yourselves to the property managers.

You are responsible for your own conduct as well as that of any other persons within your group.  You are responsible for supervising and ensuring the safety of all other members of your group for use of any facilities within the Villa’s and on the site.  Always supervise children and other dependants or vulnerable individuals whilst they are in the gardens and in or around the swimming pools.

My Ideal Vitality Limited or nor the property managers shall be responsible for any injury, illness or death.

It is important for all pool users to shower before and after entering the pool.  Any misuse of the pool or failure to use preventative measures to prevent contamination of the pool will result (in the event of any repair works and decontamination works) in you being charged 45 Euros.

Pets are not permitted within the Villas or on the premises.

We strongly recommend that You purchase a travel insurance policy to cover any medical costs, third party liability and any cancellation charges and that You ensure that every member of your group has secured a policy.  The Company will not accept any responsibility in the event You or any members of your group are not covered by a policy.

We reserve the right to alter our rental prices for each of the villas from time to time. However, we will honour prices agreed at the time of booking.

There are occasions where beyond the Company’s control there may be certain building or other activities taking place around the vicinity of the Villa/s.  We cannot accept any responsibility for this.  The same would apply to any noise pollution, environmental nuisance or disruption or any agricultural or maintenance machinery. We would suggest that you follow the media for any update if applicable.
The Company will not be liable for any loss and theft of any money, property or article of You or any member of your group

The Company will not be liable for any damage to the property, any articles, fixtures or fittings.

The Company will not be liable for any injury, illness or death caused to the You and any member of your group.

You indemnify the Company against claims in connection therewith.  Moreover, the Company will not be liable for any failures or defects within and around the Villa/s such as but not limited to:- failure in the water and/or power supply, technical installations or any unknown construction activities or access works.

Without prejudice to the preceding paragraphs, in the event the Company is held liable on account of the agreement, then such liability will be limited to any direct damages and any form of consequential damages is excluded.

Any damage and loss caused to the property, premises, any articles, fixtures or fittings, equipment, furniture, appliances or anything which belongs to the company will be your responsibility and you will be liable for any costs which will be deducted from the security deposit.  Should the amount of damages exceed the security deposit then You will be liable to pay the additional costs to the property manager before leaving the property howsoever You decide to raise those funds from others within your group.

In case of a force majeure, both of a permanent and temporary nature, the company will be entitled to dissolve the agreement either in whole or in part or to temporarily suspend the same without You being entitled to claim any compensation for any damages or loss You or your group suffer.  Force majeure is understood to include but not limited to: threat of war, uprising, willful damage, strikes, boycott, transport or traffic difficulties, government measures, scarcity of raw materials, natural disasters, extraordinary and unforeseen weather conditions, unannounced sale of the Villa/s or anything that is beyond the reasonable control of the company.

If the force majeure occurs whilst You and/or your group is staying in the Villas/s then You will be reimbursed for the period You have lost out on.  If another suitable Viila/s is available and is not affected by the force majeure then the Company reserves the right to replace your accommodation with that.

We’d like you to have a smooth holiday or event and value the opportunity to solve challenges as they arise so we can respond to your requests effectively.

To allow us to deal with your complaint, please email