Have you ever wanted to go away from work, just a short break but thought you wait and save money and go further afield? But never actually went away! That’s the thing, right! So let me share with you why it is beneficial for you to take a holiday or a break around the Costas?

What is the trend?

According to the Sunday Times, the go-to-choices for Britons looking for a top-end holiday or even a home that offers year-round sun, good-value living and middle-class leisure and pleasures, such as golf and spas, have for many years been Spain and Portugal. Apparently, that may have changed as the rise in property prices in Marbella and the Algarve. So people have been looking elsewhere i.e. Thailand.

But let’s look at it closely and dive deeper into the pros and cons of Asian destinations.

Pro and Cons of further destinations

Although Thailand is an amazing country which offers a lot, is it not a quick get-away. A flight alone takes 12 hours from London to Bangkok. What’s more, the time difference can shake one’s circadian rhythm and mess up with the body clock especially the older we get. So I wouldn’t dismiss completely the idea of looking more around the Spanish Costas again! Especially when you just want to get a week of sunshine to soak up some vitamin D and improve your mood.

Why not Costa Calida in Spain?

Costa Calida, is the south-east coast of Spain featuring the vibrant Murcia region with a newly opened international airport Murcia International. It takes only just over 2 hours to fly in from any major London airports.  So let’s explore the region and what it can offer to you.

Murcia is known for:

Mar Menor Golf and Spa Resort

  • is known as the Beverly Hills of the area, as there are many golf resorts in the area,
  • designed by Jack Nikolaus  together with a few others so golf trail possible
  • lively resort all year round, not just a seasonal thing, as around 50% of the residents live there permanently
  • activities to keep you fit and healthy every season i.e. gym on the resort, Paddle courts, mini-golf, pilates lessons, running (they are running trails around the resort) cycling, spa
  • different types of cuisines on and off the resort
  • communal pool by the hotel for only 12€ a day (includes a towel hire)
  • flamenco lessons not far from the resort

Why staying in MyIDEALvilla?

  • supports your health whether you are a sports person or not.
  • time-efficient
  • everything at your fingertips

Whether you are a professional and you just want a quick break to recharge your batteries or a business owner who cannot take time off, you can hire a whole villa for a reasonable amount – £££ for a month (price in different seasons varies). If your business can be operated remotely with a smartphone, or a tablet we offer a great internet connection. Spain is still within Europe so it’s very time effective with relatively short travelling time (2hrs). Within an hour from landing, you can be in the pool, having a massage or joining a conference call. And a negligible time difference (only 1 hour forward). So an idea for you to spend wet and gloomy winter months in a sunny spot not far from home. Or if you just need a digital detox, we offer lockers in the bedrooms where you can lock your electronic devices and collect them at the end of your stay.

Looking after your health is our #1 priority

And if you are truly looking for futuristic ways how to keep fit, healthy and get younger while running your business on a holiday/hiatus, we have something special for you in the villa.

We focus on sleep and here is why!

We make sure you hydrate and shower with the best quality water and here is why!

We have mountain-like air for you indoors and here is how we achieved that!

In short

When you understand your health, you understand you can’t put a price on your health because it is the most important asset in your business you know you want to holiday smartly, with no effort at all yet want to reap the health benefits in a relatively short time.

Book your holiday/hiatus/detox/break with us today, email Lucie.

Helping you to take a break or a hiatus with added value!